What did you do on YOUR summer vacation?


Each year, we send cadets all over the country to train with active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel, along with seasoned Sea Cadet Officers. Though there are dozens more opportunities available throughout the country, here is a quick look at what we did and where we did it in 2015:

Recruit Training - "Boot Camp" for Sea Cadets. 9-14 days of military indoctrination training just like you see in the movies.  All Sea Cadets are required to attend this training before they can do any advanced trainings.  Locations: Virginia Beach, VA; Tennessee; Pennsylvania

Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) - Leadership training for cadets ready to take on a more active role in their units. Instruction on Teambuilding and counseling skills provided for use at home units. Required for advancement to Petty Officer Second Class.  Locations:  Norfolk, VA; Illinois; New Jersey; Michigan; Pennsylvania

Seamanship and Shipboard Training - Basic nautical skills and boat handling are taught at this one week course.  Location:  Norfolk, VA; USS New Jersey (BB63)

Master at Arms (MAA) Academy - Masters at Arms are the Navy's version of Military Police.  Cadets earn the basics of law enforcement on both the Navy and Civilian side.  For two weeks they train with the Navy Security Force at NAS Oceana as well as Virginia Beach Police and Sheriff's Department.  Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Culinary Arts - Cadets learn food safety, preparation, and service. Hands on and classroom instruction provided by Active Duty US Navy Culinary Specialists.  Location:  Virginia Beach, VA

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance - Cadets learn basic mechanics skills while working on large military vehicles.  Location:  Michigan


STEM Program - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are put in focus in this 7 day training.  Cadets learn to build underwater robots as part of the Navy's Office of Naval Research program.  Locations:  Fort Lee, VA; Michigan; California

Field Operations - These trainings focus on combat and survival training skills. They are outdoor, advanced level programs for those interested in  special operations training, the Marine Corps or the Army. Locations:  Connecticut; North Carolina

Marksmanship - Cadets can hone their shooting skills while working with a variety of weapons in a safe environment.  Location:  Michigan

Submarine Seminar - This training is held at the Submarine Base in New London, where Navy submariners are trained.  Cadets learn about undersea warfare and experience the latest technology the Navy has to offer.  Location:  Connecticut

International Exchange - Senior cadets and escort officers travel around the world or host international guests to learn sea going skills from international sea cadet programs.  Location: Sydney and Jervis Bay, Australia (Outbound) and Newport, RI (Inbound) 

Music - Cadets and staff practice and perform with US Navy Band throughout the Washington DC area in concerts and special events.

Medical - Medical training is offered to cadets, who learn basic first aid and life saving skills as well as more advanced medical techniques. Location:  Illinois

US Coast Guard - Cadets learn by working alongside Coast Guard servicemen and women at various Coast Guard Stations.  Location: Virginia, Maine, Connecticut

Seabee - Cadets learn construction skills from Navy Construction Battalions (Seabees).  Location:  Illinois

Navy League Cadet Orientation - This is the League Cadet version of boot camp.Cadets learn basic Navy knowledge and nautical skills as they learn to work as a team.  Location:  Norfolk, VA; Michigan