About Us



 The Sea Cadets offer American young men and women, ages 14 through 18, opportunities unparalleled by any other youth organization.  Our Division meets one weekend a month, August through June, at the Navy Operational Support Center in Richmond, VA.  The program is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who do this solely for the benefit of the cadets.  The spend hours each month in preparation for drill weekends, setting up trips, completing paperwork and managing other administrative duties.  Our adult staff is comprised of active duty, retired and former military personnel, as well as volunteers from varied  civilian backgrounds, all bringing unique talents and experiences to the program.  




League Cadet Corps is for boys and girls, at least 10 1/2 and not yet 14 years old, who are interested in the sea and in ships, and our nation's sea going services.  The Navy League program is designed to introduce young people to maritime and military life, and to prepare them for later entrance into the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

League Cadets meet at the same time and location as the Sea Cadets, but are normally engaged in separate activities from them.  League Cadets are instructed by both Sea Cadet officers and senior League Cadets through classroom and applied instruction in subjects such as basic seamanship, military drill, and leadership.  One week summer training camps are available but not required.





Our mission is to encourage the growth and development of American youth, especially those who are thinking about a future in military service by instilling in them patriotism, leadership, discipline, honor, pride, and courage.  Cadets develop these qualities through a Navy enlisted-oriented training program with emphasis on leadership skills, accountability and teamwork.  


During the summer, cadets aboard US Navy and Coast Guard ships and at Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard shore installations across the country.  Cadets receive instruction from, and work alongside active duty and reserve military personnel.