Each drill weekend is different from any other, but most have the same basic structure.  The purpose of a drill weekend is to provide constant training for the cadets, giving them a variety of opportunities to learn more about the military and their nation, as well as try new things and practice leadership skills. After the first year, cadets receive specialized training in an area chosen by the unit as a whole. For 2014-15, the specialties will be on the Fleet Marine Force and Navy Master at Arms.    For an example of what a typical day at drill would look like, visit the Daily Drill Schedule page.





​Several times a year, AMERICA Division offers special drill weekends.  They usually occur during weekends and may or may not be optional.  Examples of these special events are:   overnight field trips to Norfolk Naval Station, Fort Lee or Fort Pickett; color guard presentations at public events; service events; ship visits; and bivouacs (training camp outs). Thanks to the generous donations from our sponsors, we are able to offer these extras at a relatively low price. Many of the events are community service based, and allow cadets the opportunity to grow as citizens and learn to fully appreciate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.




Every year, each Sea Cadet is required to attend at least one annual training. League Cadets attendance is not required, but are highly encouraged to do so.  The vast majority of our cadets attend two or more of these exceptional opportunities each summer or winter. The Annual Training program is what sets us apart from all other military affiliated youth organizations.  Most of the trainings are offered aboard military installations and are given by active duty, retired or reserve personnel along with Sea Cadet adult volunteers. Read more about our training program at the Annual Training page.  


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AMERICA Division is dedicated to the success of all cadets.  The Indoctrination Program was developed to acclimate a new recruit (those aged 14 and older) into the Sea Cadet Program.  (NLCC Cadets are not required to go through Indoctrination).  It is a three month program designed to teach the recruits the basic information and skills they need to know to be successful as a cadet. During "Indoc" recruits are assigned to the Recruit Platoon.


During these three months, recruits will be taught how to wear a uniform, how to march, Navy customs and courtesies, military rank structure and other vital information.  At home, recruits will work on completing the Cadet Qualification Standards (CQS), which is a "knowledge checklist" that they work on with their parents.  The answers to the CQS are available within the Cadet Handbook.  They will also complete the US Navy's Basic Military Requirements Correspondance Course. 


While in Indoc, recruits will wear the recruit uniform (Recruit T shirt and blue trousers) or PT Gear. (They will be told in advance which they are to wear).  They will earn the right to wear the NSCC uniform upon graduation.


At the end of the Indoctrination Class, all recruits will take a final exam and have an interview.  Upon successful completion of all requirements, the recruit may graduate.  He/she will then be issued a full seabag of uniforms and assigned to an NSCC Squad and Platoon.


Each Indoc Class will go through a "Mini-Boot Camp" weekend at a local military base.  This 48 hour evolution gives the recruits a taste of what Recruit Training  (Boot Camp) will be like. Boot Camp is a two week training usually held in the summer or over winter break that is designed by the US Navy Recruit Training Command and is relatively similar to what real Navy sailors experience. The recruits are all required to attend boot camp within the first 12 months of their membership.