Annual Trainings (ATs) are offered during the summer as well as over winter and spring breaks around the country.     ATs can be 5 to 21 days long, depending on the training. Currently, ATs usually only costs a cadet about $120 per week for training, lodging, and meals because of the Congressional support received by the US Navy specifically for this program.  League Cadets have their own versions of Annual Training, though they are not required to attend.  Theirs are all 7 days long and are also offered in a variety of locations.  The monetary value of many of these trainings, such as SCUBA, International Exchange, Sailing or Aviation, is well over $1000 per cadet. The actual value is priceless.



Every Sea Cadet in AMERICA Division is required to attend USNSCC Recruit Training.  This is a two week “boot camp”, developed by the US Navy Recruiting Command at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, IL.  To be qualified to attend RT, cadets must have completed the three month Indocrination Program, including completing the BMR, passing the final Examination, and meeting physical fitness requirements. Recruit Training is offered at a number of locations around the country.  The closest location it is held is Camp Pendleton, a Virginia National Guard Base located in Virginia Beach.  Cadets spend two weeks learning basic Navy subjects, elementary seamanship, basic damage control, and quarter’s maintenance. Additionally, cadets participate in Physical Fitness Training.    Upon Graduation, cadets are advanced to the rank of E-2 (Seaman Apprentice), and are eligible to attend Advanced Trainings. For Navy League Cadets, they attend a one week "League Orientation". They are are NOT required to attend Orientation, though it is encouraged for those who are mature enough to be away from home for an extended period of time.



The Sea Cadet Advanced Training Program sets us apart from other military based youth organizations like JROTC, Young Marines and Civil Air Patrol.  Once a cadet has successfully finished Recruit Training (Boot Camp, or RT), he/she is eligible to apply for a variety of “Advanced Training” opportunities.  Many of our ATs are provided by Active Duty, Retired and/or Reserve sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as NSCC instructors and other military personnel, on military bases. Several different trainings are offered at the Naval Station Great Lakes “A” School and are taught by the same instructors that teach active duty Navy sailors. We also offer an exceptional International Exchange Program, which you can read about in detail below. For more information about each training opportunity, visit our Training Summaries page.


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     The International Sea Cadet Association, of which the Untied States is a founding member, sponsors a world wide exchange program that gives our young people an opportunity to introduce the United States to peers from all corners of the world, or to travel to places they'd only dreamed of.  They promote peace through understanding, and get a better appreciation for what it means to be an American.  

Cadets are chosen through a rigorous application process, select senior cadets may either host Sea Cadets from all over the world, or visit foreign countries, experiencing an adventure they'll never forget. Either way, cadets learn about the navies of the world, make life long friends and become part of the global community. 

     Participating nations include the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Bermuda, the Netherlands, and many other countries that have Sea Cadet programs. 

     Click here to learn more about the NSCC International Exchange Program.  ​For more information regarding ISCA, please visit their homepage.

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