Are you an active duty, reserve, retired or honorably discharged serviceman or woman?  Or are you a civilian with medical, firefighting, law enforcement, teaching, organizational or administrative skills?  Do you have the time and the desire to mentor and inspire the future leaders of our country?  Are you ready to develop productive citizens for our community?  This may be the opportunity you are looking for!

AMERICA Division is currently accepting applications for adult volunteers for 2017-18 school year.  Contact Warrant Officer Riffle for more information.




All NSCC Units are run by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers.  AMERICA Division is blessed to have a full staff, but we are always looking for new members who can fill needs.  Currently, we are looking for:

  • Classroom Instructors
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Administrative assistants
  • individuals who have prior or active military service who can serve full time​

If you feel you can contribute as a member of our staff, please contact us for more information




  • US Citizen  
  • Be at least 21 years of age and not older than age 65 (waivers considered)  
  • Must possess high moral standards, adhere to ethical standards of behavior, be citizens of good standing in the community, and have no felony charges or convictions.  
  • Must meet Navy height and weight standards (in order to wear the NSCC Uniform)  
  • There is no specific educational or professional requirements other than being able to support and contribute to achieving the goals of the NSCC program.  
  • Must pass a background check prior to enrollment.